RSI Checklist

Pre‐Hospital Anaesthesia & Airway Management: SPEEDBOMB


Suction on and within reach Check

Backup Suction available where possible Check


Ear to Sternal Notch Check

Manual In‐Line Stabilisation where appropriate Check

Equipment for Intubation

BVM and Airway Adjuncts Check

Laryngoscopes x 2 working Check

Bougie Check

ETT x2 with Syringe Check

End Tidal CO2

Zoll ETCO2 warmed up and in Circuit Check

Alternate Capnography source ready Check

Drugs and IV access

Fentanyl X mcg in X mls

Ketamine X mg X mls

Rocuronium/Suxamethonium X mg X mls

Metaraminol /Adrenaline Check

IV/IO access working x 2 Check

Back up Airway

Laryngeal Mask Airway Check

Surgical Airway Check


Pre Oxygenate for 3 mins Check

Nasal Prongs Check

At least 2 Cylinders available Check

Monitoring (Zoll)

SpO2 Check

BP Check

ECG Check


Confirm Roles Check