We are Island Docs. Rural Medicine Generalists who have come together in one of the most beautiful and remote parts of Australia, the Torres Strait.

Off the northern most extremity of Australia lies a maze of reefs and Islands linking the Coral Sea to the East, the Arafura sea to the west and the western province of Papua New Guinea to the north. Seventeen of the two hundred and seventy four Islands have permanent settlements. These Islanders together with those on QLD’s northern peninsula, are the people we serve.

We are generalists with skills in Retrieval Medicine, Anaesthetics, Obstetrics, Surgery, Emergency, Indigenous Health and General Practice. We operate from the administrative hub of Thursday Island where we staff a 32 bed hospital and provide support to the Northern Peninsula and 17 Island primary health care centres.

What we do is unique. We are committed to doing it well. This is our contribution to free and open access medical education.